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What is your return/refund policy?Updated a year ago

Standard Return/Refund Policy

We are shipping perishable Product and therefore are not able to accept returns. Unlike items that have a longer shelf life, items that are perishable cannot be restocked or resold.

If you are not completely satisfied with your SmoothieBox for good reason, please contact our dedicated Support Team at [email protected] within seven (7) days of receipt. We will happily review your order and any reported issues and offer an appropriate resolution which may include replacement of the Product in question, credit towards your next box, or a partial/full refund. Since we are not able to physically assess the product, we may ask that you provide photos of the Product label and damage reported.

We guarantee delivery to the address provided when the order is placed/shipped and when retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date.

When placing your order, please enter your shipping address carefully to ensure accuracy and review your receipt/account for any errors. If you enter the shipping address incorrectly when the order is placed, please email [email protected] immediately for correction. Should your shipping address change, please update your address prior to the invoice date either via your account or by writing to [email protected].

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we cannot guarantee the condition of the delivery if the address is incorrectly entered, if a change of address isn’t updated prior to the invoice date, if an address is altered while in transit, or if you are unable to retrieve the order on the guaranteed delivery date and did not notify us prior to the order being invoiced. Changes made via your account portal on the billing date will be effective the next order and not the currently processing order.

If your order is returned to us because of an incorrect address was provided or refusal of delivery when shipped according to our terms and conditions, we must dispose of the contents and you will not be refunded. In the event an order is delivered late due to an incorrect address or if you are unable to retrieve on the delivery date without prior notification and thawing/damage occurs, you will not be refunded. If you would like an order that was improperly addressed or not retrieved on the guaranteed delivery date reshipped, you will be charged 50% of the cost for the replacement shipment.

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