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What are SmoothieBucks?Updated 8 months ago

Earn rewards on purchases, referring friends, and more. SmoothieBucks rewards members for their purchases, allowing you to save on your monthly SmoothieBox and cash in on SmoothieSwag.

How to join:

Open the SmoothieBucks panel
SmoothieBucks Rewards

Create your account or sign in. If you've already created a SmoothieBox subscription, you'll just need to use your email address and password associated with your SmoothieBox account.
SmoothieBucks Rewards: Join or Sign In
Check out ways to earn and ways to redeem, start earning, and redeem on cool SmoothieBox stuff. 

Earn and Redeem SmoothieBucks
Refer friends and earn even more SmoothieBucks:

Refer a friend and earn SmoothieBucks
Rewards and discounts shown here are reflective of the current offer at the time this article was written. It may not reflect current offers within the referral program at the current time. Referral offers change periodically and the current offer will reflect in the SmoothieBucks panel.

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