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My SmoothieBox has arrived - now what?Updated 9 months ago

Once your SmoothieBox is delivered, unpack it ASAP. While we pack each shipment with dry ice, you'll want to be sure to move your smoothies to your freezer as quickly as possible. Your smoothies are perishable and should remain frozen.

Please be cautious - there may be some dry ice remaining in your SmoothieBox. Do not handle dry ice with your bare hands - it can burn! Grab a kitchen towel or oven mitts and place the dry ice outside or in a well ventilated area to evaporate. Once completely evaporated, the plastic bag can be recycled.

Your SmoothieBox packaging is curbside recyclable, so toss your box into your recycle bin once it's been unpacked.

Check out a few recipes over on our here and get ready to enjoy a delicious Super Smoothie!

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