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How do I redeem SmoothieBucks?Updated 8 months ago

You can redeem SmoothieBucks from your rewards panel, located inside your account portal.

View your SmoothieBucks balance and choose 'Ways to Redeem' to view rewards available to you


Rewards available will show 'View' next to them:


Choose 'Redeem' on your desired reward:

SmoothieBucks_Redeeem_3Copy the rewards code shown once you've redeemed your reward. Don't worry, if you're not ready to add it to your account it will also be emailed to you, and will be available in your rewards panel until it has been used, too.

SmoothieBucks_Redeem_4On the main page of your account portal, add your rewards code under discounts:


You're all set! Once you've applied the rewards code it will automatically apply to your next subscription purchase.



Please note: Effective 10/1/2020, SmoothieBucks are unable to be combined with a recurring subscription discount.


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