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How do I cancel my subscription?Updated a year ago

You may cancel your subscription via your account page or by contacting [email protected]

We're sorry to hear you wish to cancel your subscription and hate to see you go. We understand things happen. If you find yourself needing to cancel your subscription, you can do so directly in your account portal or you can reach out via email to [email protected] or call 888-313-6464 for assistance.

To cancel via your account page, Login to your account, and click 'Edit' under your active subscription(s):
Account_HomePageScroll down until you see 'Stop Subscription'


Follow the prompts given:


Please note, canceling your subscription will not cancel any currently processing orders. Orders that have been billed can not be altered and will ship as scheduled. Please be sure to make any cancellation requests prior to your billing date.


At SmoothieBox we believe that "Once a Member, Always a Member". Should you ever decide to resubscribe, we would love to welcome you back with a little something special. Contact our Support Team to find out more! 




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