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Are Protein Smoothies better for "pre" or "post" workout consumption?Updated 9 months ago

Protein powders are a great option for meal replacement and way to supplement protein that is missing from your daily dietary needs. When combined with a SmoothieBox Smoothie pouch, you are checking all the boxes when it comes to a quality nutrition intake. The best part is, you can enjoy them as a decadent snack, meal replacement and delicious tool to help meet your fitness/wellness goals.
Regarding when to consume protein from a fitness standpoint, it is recommended that protein be consumed post workout.

Ingesting protein within 30 mins of completing a workout aides in muscle repair. Exercise supports muscle growth, but the body can only build upon existing muscles if they recover after each workout. Consuming protein after exercise helps the muscles to heal and aids in the prevention of the loss of lean muscle mass.
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